When a non-descript violin shows up at an upscale auction it seems wildly out of place. But who decides what something or someone is really worth? The answer may surprise you.

music by DAVID RAIKLEN, wardrobe stylist MAR LEE CANDELL
production design by LAWRENCE S. KIM, edited by DAVID MANSHIP
director of photography GABRIEL DINIZ, associate producer CHARLES MC GRATH
assciate producer MELANEE E. NELSON
written by KATHI CAREY
inspired by the poem "The Touch of the Master's Hand" by Myra B Welch
directed by KATHI CAREY

Run Time: 7:10

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"I have watched Worth and I have enjoyed it more and got more out of it with each showing. All aspects of it were very well done: direction, acting, camera work, editing and, finally, succinct, on-target writing. I like the fact that it was kept simple, without being overly dramatized. The title, Worth, is perfect. It is also two-edged, to my mind, for it not only points out that the value of an object cannot truly be measured until it is brought to life by human hands, but also that one should not judge those hands until one has seen them perform. Your film brought this out beautifully."
Robert L. Clark, The Paradise Post
"Kathi: It was a pleasure to see this work. Everyone who saw it was greatly impressed. More than one viewer said, 'gives me goose bumps.'"
David E. Carter, www.EMPixxAwards.org

"Beautiful work. This is the kind of work that makes it a pleasure to be a judge of a short films competition ... Magnificent direction. Top quality work ... The Music is captivating ... Set design and art direction as good as it gets. Powerful ... Beautifully edited."
Various judges, EMPixx Awards
"Truth is beauty ... Beauty -- truth. Worth follows that dictum. It is also a clever way of showing us how our perceptions can be rather twisted.
John Anderson, Film critic, NY Times, Daily Variety

"I was profoundly moved by Kathi's film. I came to the screening as a blank slate but left reminded of the real power great filmmakers have to educate and inspire, as well as entertain. WORTH is a powerful film that should be seen by all."
Dennis Stafford, Principal, Organiksol Marketing

"Kathi Carey is amazingly talented. WORTH was written in 1 hour. Wow! Watching this film I was taken to another world. The world of Kathi Carey's genius imagination. The music -- incredible -- David is an extraordinary composer."
Tina Grey, Grey Worldwide Press

"I thought WORTH truly told a complete story in such a small amount of time while piquing our interest enough to wish there was the luxury of time to get the characters' back stories. Every detail was used to the fullest in a perfectly subtle way."
Sue Cornick, Publicist

"The film was full of points of soul searching, especially during the violin solo. You knew that after playing that violin, all of those bidders were going to want it. WORTH. It was there in front of them, but until the true worth of it was exposed, it was a non-item. Like some people are until you hear them sing or talk. That was good."
Isaac Burks, Deputy of Arts and Culture, Councilmember Tom LaBonge, Council District 4, Los Angeles City Council